South Arkansas Historical Preservation Society

Gallery of History Exhibits

Gallery of History

The Hall of History guides you through a timeline of pioneering families, whom with true grit and sheer determination forged new communities and enterprise from the untamed wilderness.

Michael Fitzgerald Hollywood Collection

Michael G. Fitzgerald (December 1950 – February 14, 2006) was an El Dorado native, film historian and author whose passion for the Golden Age of Hollywood spurred his lifelong ambition of honoring individuals in the entertainment industry.

The rotating exhibit of Michael’s collection features vintage film posters, press books, magazines, music, scripts, studio and candid photos, headshots, books, videoand correspondence. His massive collection of over 10,000 items covers every angle of entertainment from the 1920’s through 2005.

The Michael G. Fitzgerald Collection contains over 10,000 artifacts spanning over nine decades of entertainment.

Union County Sports Hall of Fame

When visitors scan the walls of the Union County Sports Hall of Fame Museum, staring back at them are the multifarious faces of athletes and coaches who began their journeys in area schools, and in many cases, left their imprint on the collegiate, national and international stages.

Every inch of the modestly-sized museum is purposed with Union County sports memorabilia that serves as a historical record of eras gone by and an up-to-the-minute account of present-day athletes around the country.

Randy Ross, vice-president and primary researcher/ historian for the Union County Sports Hall of Fame said, “We want people to know we are here and we’re open and to see that Union County, sports-wise, can stand up to other counties in Arkansas and other counties around the country. If you’re into sports, you’ll enjoy it. If you’re not into sports, then you’ll enjoy seeing the history of Union County. We’re in El Dorado, but this museum represents the whole county.