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The various audio and video files below are all related to programs sponsored or co-sponsored by the SAHPS. These files consist of radio interviews and excerpts from formal presentations about subjects such as World War One, slavery, the American South, local history, mass migrations, War Between The States and feuding. Our thanks to KELD-FM (Noalmark) and the staff at SouthArk for assisting us/providing us with these audio and video recordings. Note: The video excerpts are from the speakers series co-sponsored by the SAHPS and SouthArk. Funding for these lectures has been provided by either the Arkansas Humanities Council or the Union County Community Foundation.

Fitzgerald Collection Documentary

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Fitzgerald Collection Documentary

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Now Playing: Prof. Bill Robison
date: Jul 5, 2017
speaker: Prof. Bill Robison
A portion of the August 5, 2014 lecture by Dr. Bill Robison on the origins of World War I. The clip covers topics such as nationalism and the blood relationships created by the marriage of Queen Victoria's children to many of the other royal houses of Europe. Our thanks to the Union County Community Foundation for funding this program and to the faculty and students of SouthArk for taping the presentation.