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The South Arkansas Historical Preservation Society announces the screening of the vintage and classic Hollywood film DOUBLE FEATURE:  "ALWAYS A BRIDESMAID" and "HOW'S ABOUT IT" 

Tuesday, September 10, 2019 at 6:30 PM. 

This particular film “Always A Bridesmaid” features a detective, working undercover, who joins a Lonely Hearts Club in order to expose a swindler using it for nefarious reasons.

The film “How’s About It”-IT'S THE SING AND SWING TREAT OF 1943!  Marion Bliss, a frustrated poetess, brings a lawsuit that alleges her pet verse has been purloined by the head, George Selby, of a giant music publishing house. Alf is a less-than- adequate process server creating problems, while the Andrews Sisters are elevator operators at the company who break out singing at every opportunity.

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 2019 Directors:  Diane Alderson, Jim Andrews, Aubra Anthony, Teresa Botner, Bill Campbell, Courtney Crotty, Vince Dawson, Bonnie Haynie, Cindy Langston, Candi Mattocks, Patrick Nolan, LaQuita Rainey, Adenia Riley Robbins, Ken Van Hook, Bob Watson, Sr.