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Silver Screen Series - Take Me To Town

The South Arkansas Historical Preservation Society announces the screening of the vintage and classic Hollywood film “TAKE ME TO TOWN” as the SILVER SCREEN SERIES continues Tuesday, April 9, 2019 at 6:30 PM.

 This particular technicolor film features Ross Hunter's first as a producer. The onetime actor was working as a teacher when Ann Sheridan suggested he turn to producing. He worked without salary at the Motion Picture Center to learn producing, then managed to set up the film Take Me to Town at Universal. Sheridan's normal price was $475,000 per film but she agreed to $100,000 to work with Hunter. "It was Annie who really gave me my first break," later recalled Hunter. "She was a very great lady.”

One of the most likeable westerns of the 1950s. On the lam from the law, saloon-gal Vermilion O'Toole (Anne Sheridan) takes refuge in a logging community. Here she meets the three precocious children of preacher-timberman Will Hall (Sterling Hayden), whereupon the kids decide that Vermilion would make a perfect bride for their widowed father. Eventually, Vermilion ingratiates herself with the rest of the community by organizing a musical show to help pay for the construction of a new church. Things look bleak for our heroine when lawman Ed Daggett (Larry Gates) catches up with her -- especially since, by this time, the taciturn Will Hall has fallen in love with her. Full of delightful little touches and vivid characterizations.


For more information about the Silver Screen Series call 870-862-9890 or come by and visit your yesterday at 412 East Faulkner Street, El Dorado, Arkansas 71730